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Carnival of Personal Finance #104 Recap

After spending days preparing for and writing the Carnival of Personal Finance #103: The 24 Edition last week, I had to take a bit of a break from looking at carnivals and festivals. Now I’m ready to look through the 78 or so entries for this week’s Carnival of Personal Finance #104 hosted by Getting Green.

My own article Couples at financial odds: New vs Used and so much more was featured in the Family & Money section.

Rather than just highlighting my favorite articles in this post, I’m going to write a post for each of my favorite articles. The articles I’ve selected were either really good and I wanted to give them extra attention, or I have specific commentary on this article.

I highly recommend checking out the selection of articles yourself, though. Also, get ready for next week’s two-year anniversary Carnival of Personal Finance, to be hosted by JD at Get Rich Slowly.

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