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Carnival of Credit Report Stories #4


Name: Clever Dude
SSN: 123-45-6789
Address: 223 Funnypants Alley, Knickerbuppy, MD 22222

Account Information:
Creditor: King of Debt at We’re in Debt
Type of Loan: Credit Score Bumpage
Account Status: Delinquent
Comments: King of Debt highlights an interesting (and seemingly legal) way to remove unwanted inquiries from your credit report without damaging your score. However, read his disclaimer in the last paragraph

Creditor: Azmi at Work at Home
Type of Loan: Keeping your FICO Score Up
Account Status: Current
Comments: Azmi offers 3 tips on maintaining your credit score (and building it up). In the personal finance world, they’re common knowledge, but I’m always surprised at how many people I run across who don’t even know what a FICO score is, much less how to protect and manage it.

Creditor: Dan at Searchlight Crusade
Type of Loan: Building Your Credit Score to Qualify for a Mortgage
Account Status: In Foreclosure
Comments: What happens if you have no credit history but you want a mortgage? Well, you go read Dan’s post!

Creditor: Mary Beth at BBB Consumer Education
Type of Loan: Credit Report 101
Account Status: Pays As Agreed
Comments: Mary Beth, from the Tri-State BBB, gives a quick rundown of how to get your credit report, what to look for on it, and what to do if you see a mistake.

Creditor: Lulu from Save Money
Type of Loan: Lulu finds some problems on her credit report!
Account Status: Charge Off
Comments: Lulu signed up for a free credit monitoring service (for a month) and is glad she did! She found some problems and writes how it has affected her own score.

Creditor: John at
Type of Loan: Improving your credit score by adding positive lines of credit
Account Status: Current
Comments: John extensively details all the aspects of a credit report, and explains it all plainly and simply. Excellent resource for those looking to learn more about their credit report.

Thanks for reading my credit report. Please don’t use this published material to commit identity theft on me…please 🙁

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  • A very well put together credit report…but I think your credit score is missing from this one!
    Thanks for hosting, you did a great job.

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