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Carnival of Clever Dude 2008

Ahh, it’s that time of the year again where I reminisce about my blog and highlight my best articles from each month and my top referrers of the year (check out 2007 Carnival of Clever Dude). Let’s get right to it!

2008 Traffic Numbers

I officially doubled my traffic since 2007. In 2008, I acquired over 300,000 new unique visitors and over 500,000 unique page views.  I just missed my goals of 500,000 visitors (by about 3,000) and 1 million pageviews (by about 170k), but I expect to hit both targets very soon!

In 2007, 63% of my traffic was from referring sites while 21% came from search engines. My goal was to flip those numbers. That didn’t quite work, but I did average 38% from referrals and 44% from search engines, with the year-end search traffic percentage over 50%.

As far as subscribers, I lost the history from prior to Oct 2008, so I don’t know how many I had in Dec 2007, but I’ve consistently had over 2,100 subscribers in December 2008.

Top 2008 Traffic Referrers

Here are my top 15 traffic referrers for all of 2008:

  1. Google search
  2. Direct (user goes directly to
  3. MSN Money Smartspending blog
  4. Google homepage and Google reader
  5. Stumbleupon
  6. Yahoo search
  7. My Money Blog
  8. Five Cent Nickel
  9. MSN search
  10. The Simple Dollar
  11. No Credit Needed
  12. Aol search
  13. Canadian Capitalist
  14. Live search
  15. Ask search

Thanks to my fellow finance blogs and all those search engines! And of course thanks to my readers, whether you come back every day or just once!

2008 Top Articles by Traffic

I’m placing the % of total pageview traffic in () after the rank. I noticed that % are less on the top articles this year, but that’s because I’m spreading my search results across many more articles (over 1010 now!):

  1. (4.64%) How to Value Clothing Donations – This was #6 last year but has been a consistent performer on the search engines this year.
  2. (3.54%) How I Get Laptops and Plasma TVs for Free – Still a classic article from early 2007. This article, along with Frugal Lunch, really brought Clever Dude to the forefront.
  3. (3.50%) How to Find Technical Service Bulletins for Your Car – An article picked up by Lifehacker, but now pulling in the searches too.
  4. (2.94%) Frugal Lunch by Clever Dudette – Also, this is the most-commented article on my site (currently 108 comments).
  5. (2.28%) 50 Ways to Save Money by Not Wasting – Most of the traffic has come from MSN Smartspending, but a number of other sites have picked it up, such as The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

2008 Best Articles on Clever Dude

Of course the following selections are based on my own opinion, either because I think they’re very informative or I just liked writing them:






May proved to be my second highest article production month ever with 54 articles posted. The highest was August 2007 with 58. However, many of the articles were guest posts by fellow bloggers as I took the month to install new flooring in our home. You can scroll through the whole month of May here:







This month was another one full of guest posts because we were in Israel for half of the month! But I did write a few decent articles this month:


  • What is Frugality? – No one here knows, but I tried to start up a frugality blog, but shut it down after just 8 posts (I’ll repost them here). This was my first post at that site, telling my readers what I think Frugality is.
  • Why You Should Get Renter’s Insurance – Self-explanatory title I guess, but important for you renters out there!


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