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Carnival of Clever Dude 2007

I first intended to just highlight a few of my favorite posts, but as I went through all 550 or so posts from 2007, I found it hard to pick just a few, so I turned it into a Carnival of Clever Dude! Feel free to bookmark this and take a few days to browse through all of the articles. Oh, and I still accept comments on older posts and enjoy reading them all!

First though are my top articles for the year by pageview traffic:

2007 Top Articles by Traffic

I’m placing the % of total pageview traffic in () after the rank:

  1. (13.89%) How I Get Laptops and Plasma TVs for Free – This article made it on the front page of Digg and garnered over 1200 diggs. It brought about 24,000 visitors in one day, and those are the ones that made it through to be registered before the web server crashed. This, and #2 below, are the two single articles that launched me from obscurity into the public spotlight. Also, this is the 2nd most commented article on my site.
  2. (9.20%) Frugal Lunch by Clever Dudette – And I didn’t even write this article! Stacie’s article was picked up by and along with #1, have consistently been in the top 5 of pageviews every day since being posted this year. Also, this is the most-commented article on my site (currently 108 comments).
  3. (6.93%) How to Find Technical Service Bulletins for Your Car – Another article picked up by Lifehacker, but it caused much less (or no) controversy compared to Frugal Lunch.
  4. (2.53%) Webkinz: Waste of Money or Learning Opportunity? – Who buys these things anyway? Well, a whole lot of people apparently. I had to spend a lot of time moderating comments on this post because 9-year-olds and wannabes liked to brag about their Webkinz conversation and they just didn’t contribute to the discussion.
  5. (0.99%) Inexpensive Ways to Woo Your Wife – Yet another popular article written by my wife. I personally like my photo of our black-eyed susan flowers from our backyard. Oh and yes, I do have fresh flowers for her all the time.
  6. (0.95%) How to Value Clothing Donations – I usually stop at 5, but I wanted to add this 6th one since it’s tax time and a pretty useful, and current, article.

2007 Best Articles by My Own Opinion

I marked my personal favorites in each category:












Whew! Finally we’ve made it to the last month! I spent most of December in too much pain to even think about writing serious or helpful articles, but a few made their way to the web:

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