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Capitalizing on Communications During a Business Trip

phone-690091_640In recent years the world has become a smaller place: networking technology makes it easier for professionals collaborate across the globe and an increasing amount of business is done internationally.

Under these conditions, a foreign business trip is a more and more often a fact of life: whether you’re being sent abroad as a group for training at a central office, alone to begin operations in a new market or to attend a trade show or business conference and build your company’s profile. Your phone is a major resource at these events, allowing you to stay connected, follow up on important contacts and navigate an unfamiliar city so you don’t miss an important meeting!

Here are some tips for getting the most out of your phone while you’re abroad.

Phone Hire 

If you don’t want to bring your own handset with you, be aware that many airports have businesses that let you rent one for the duration of your trip. This could be the ideal solution if you need a cheap handset that will provide the elementary functions you need without tying you to a long-term contract.

It’s also worth checking with the event or organization you are visiting: they may have resources that will help you find a phone or tablet that meets your needs and budget for the trip.

Topping Up 

If you’re using a dedicated ‘traveling phone’, rather than your own handset, consider introducing your manager to overseas top up services. They can use these to keep you stocked with talk time and mobile data without you having to worry about reclaiming this outlay as an expense when, as a traveller, you may not have access to your usual funds.

Turn Off Mobile Data 

If you’re attending an event like a conference in a dedicated venue like a hotel or convention centre, you’ll likely have access to the building Wi-Fi network. Consider switching your phone to air-plane mode for the duration of your trip. You can use the hotel’s Wi-Fi for data, powering calls and texts through WhatsApp or Skype, while not falling foul of any roaming charges.

When you leave the hotel, you’ll ‘off grid’ for a period, though you can always reactivate your phone in an emergency. This saves you money and gives you a guaranteed way to avoid burning out while you’re representing your company’s interests abroad.

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