Calling for Guest Post Submissions! Due this Friday!

As many of you know, I’ll be away from for 10 days in Israel starting next week. Therefore, so that I don’t have to write 10 articles up front all by myself, I’m opening it to you, my fellow readers and bloggers, to submit your own guest articles to be posted here at Clever Dude.

Deadline: Friday, November 7th (this Friday!)
Contact: My email addy is on that page. Please email it to me, rather than send via the contact form.
Format: It doesn’t have to be formatted as I like to clean everything up, add headers, etc. to make it fit in with my site anyway, but if you want to place emphasis on certain areas using bold or italics, go right ahead.
Subject Matter/Guidelines:

  • No affiliate links
  • It must be YOUR original content.
  • Write up your own intro. You can link back to your site, but keep it to at most 2 links in the intro.
  • Keep the links back to yourself to a minimum in the content. This is an informational post, not an advertisement.
  • Write about (almost) anything you want. Finance, Frugality, Marriage, Kids, Politics, etc. Just keep it clean. No cussing, no slandering.
  • I have editorial and approval rights to the content before publishing.
  • Include images if you like, but only if you own them outright. You can suggest images from sites like Flickr, but they have to allow derivative rights (so I can resize and use them).You can email them to me or send me the Flickr link.

This is open to anyone, whether you have a blog or not. I want to hear your voice, and I’m sure your fellow readers do too! And if you’re not a writer, don’t worry, I’m not one either. Just write what you know and how you feel about it. That’s what I do.

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