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Buy 2, Get 2 Meals: Restaurant Coupon Books

For the last few years, we’ve been buying a little coupon book that has some major restaurant savings: Buy 2 entrees, Get 2 entrees free, along with other coupons. At the same time, we’ve been supporting the National Wheelchair Basketball Association (NWBA).

These coupon books are offered in most states by Cause Marketing Solutions. We usually rely upon the door-to-door sales, but we missed out one year (and probably again this year). Luckily, you can order the books via their website which I did a few weeks ago.

The site does not utilize SSL ordering, but I had enough back-and-forth conversations with the salesperson to feel comfortable about the order. I also provided numerous site design suggestions to help them make the site more user-friendly. If you want, you can contact their main office with sales inquiries and they can either process the order over the phone or send someone to your door.

I don’t get any referral bonus from advertising these books; rather, I just get the pride in knowing I may help some NWBA players, as well as some of my readers who can utilize these discount books. Be aware, though, that there are limited books available for each service area. For example, the Gaithersburg, MD books are sold out, but there are 49 available for Frederick, MD.

Another blogger can attest to the books value, especially last year when they had 4 B2G2 coupons for Hard Times Cafe, and we used all 8 between our two books! Additionally, they usually have B2G2 coupons for places like Agro Dolce and Amada Amante, which are pretty pricey places. Amada Amante seems to have wisened up and dropped their participation, but a few other restaurants, like Roy’s Place, have stepped in to take their place.

I highly recommend getting one of these books. I actually got one for Gaithersburg and one for Frederick, MD. I know I’ll use the Frederick one because it has coupons to the Clay Oven, a favorite of mine and Stacie’s because the owners are very sweet people, the portions are huge and everything tastes wonderful.

Feel free to contact me if you have any specific questions about these books before ordering. I’ll try to answer as much as I can, but keep in mind that I am only a consumer just like you, except I have a few years’ experience with them.

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