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BMG Music Service is ending

BMG has been around for decades. Back when I was about 12, I signed up through their catalog to get something like 15 free cassette tapes. I got such artists as Bruce Springsteen, Elvis, and Escape Club, and only had to buy a half-dozen more at regular price.

They competed with Columbia House for my attention, and they didn’t quite care when my sister and I signed up with “aliases” to get more free tapes, and eventually CDs. While I fulfilled my obligations to buy more music (can’t remember where I got the money though), my sibling let her “friends” Latrina and Comoda take the fall.

Well, it looks like BMG Music Service is ending. The reason I know is that as one of the “offers” I had to complete to get a free laptop years ago, I signed up for the music service. I completed whatever obligation I had left long ago, but kept the account for some reason. Well, I got the following email today:

Dear Michael,

We’d like to tell you about some upcoming changes to your membership.

BMG Music Service is being discontinued as of June 30, 2009.
That doesn’t mean your music savings are coming to an end. Your savings can continue with our other service,, where shipping is always free and there are no automatic shipments.

Here’s some important information regarding your current account:

  • You will receive one more Featured Selection Announcement email from us.
  • You will still be able to shop at through May 31, 2009.
  • We have discontinued our Music Points program, effective January 31, 2009. You will be able to redeem your outstanding music points through April 30, 2009.
  • You’ll have through May 31, 2009 to redeem certificates or free CDs you’ve earned.

Remember, you can still shop online at and take advantage of our great selection and prices until May 31, 2009. Please make sure you have signed up to receive emails from us so you don’t miss out on special offers and important updates.

The Membership Office

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  • I bought a few CD’s from them growing up as well. No shocker that it is ending, i t just is outdated of course. The move to 100% online is smarter although they will find trouble their as well.

  • haha oh man haven’t thought about then in forever! i have fond memories of my mom getting mad at me for receiving all these “free” cds in the mail…i feel pretty bad about it actually now that i recall.

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