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Blogs for Men: Make yours Stand Out

Many blogs are set to bring in readers from both genders, however, they often end up catering to one or the other over time. Parenting blogs for instance, often draw in a large reader base of mothers. They may interact with each other online and share the blog with their friends. Men, however, also have personal lives and appreciate relevant content outside of their work life. There are some easy ways to make sure your site attracts and holds the attention of a male audience.

Advertise Properly

It is important to reach out to the right audience. Men may not go looking for information as much as women do. Women seek support for many things. They have a higher need to feel less isolated and often have a tribe of other women for support. Men may feel less validated in their personal life and often do not talk about personal issues, even when they need support. When you reach out to men, be sure to include a glance at the available content. A relevant photo or short video clip on social media may help to sum up the content of your blog. Men are often under lot of pressure to provide for their families financially, while also trying to be involved with kids. A blog focused on a balanced life, for example, may be inviting.

Add Something Fun

Men often have little time to themselves, as they spend days earning an income and their evenings participating in family activities. Add some content that is enjoyable to allow them to take a short break from their responsibilities. You can choose one day each week to post some interesting sports news or history, for example. Add some trivia or even suggest enjoyable ways for them to spend time with kids or their spouse. The daily grind can make you forget how to initiate the fun back into family life. While focusing on the details of making a blog, be sure to think about what your readers need.

Sensitive Topics

Sensitive topics may be more difficult to approach on a men’s blog, but no less important. Even men have family and work complications that get them down. Blogs with easy to implement solutions can help. Men can benefit from a supportive community but are often more interested in finding solutions. If you are blogging about life balance or father-daughter relationships, for example, add in a few short solutions that can be implemented. Men like to be able to take on a project and get results. Allow for readers to comment and get to know each other. Stay on top of things by deleting negative comments. Over time, the men that follow your blog may enjoy supportive friendships.

Many people think that aiming a blog at a certain gender may limit the reader base. It is more likely, however, to bring in a more committed reader base. When you offer something relevant and helpful, the audience you seek out is often more dedicated. This gives you a chance also build a relationship with your readers through positive interaction.


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Susan Paige


  • Thanks for sharing this list! Very informative and straight to the point. I do have to agree that a blogger must add some fun to the topic for some entertainment to the readers. They might just hit subscribe and keep coming back to read more posts.

  • Before, I rarely see blogs ‘by’ men and ‘for’ men. Majority of the bloggers are women. But I do know a few blogs by men and targets male readers. It is usually gadgets, vehicles, “women”, and anything under the sun that entices men’s taste and interest. But these days, men are into travel blogs. They are more adventurous than women.

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