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Best Posts from Carnival of Personal Finance #134

I haven’t participated in the Carnival of Personal Finance since #128, but that’s because I didn’t think any of my December articles were good enough to submit to one. This time, though, I submitted “Rehabilitate Your Finances“, which earned an Editor’s Pick in this week’s Carnival of Personal Finance, hosted by Mrs. Micah. Mrs. Micah is another DC blogger, and I actually met her a couple times at some local happy hours.

So, on with the show. Here are my own favorites from the carnival:

  • My Two Dollars has excellent advice for avoiding internet financial scams.
  • Four Pillars highlights “Entertainment Return on Investment“. Obviously when your friends ask you to go out for a movie, you won’t pull out a calculator and figure out the EROI, but you’ll probably remind yourself of the cost vs enjoyment factor and maybe suggest renting a movie instead.
  • Is your but too big? No, not that fat thing below your back…I mean your BUT! Check out Millionaire Mommy Next Door’s article for some great pics to bring the question to life.
  • Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Money gives a good illustration of Needs, Wants and Desires using an episode of The Office as reference
  • Gather Little by Little gives 6 great tips for kicking off the new year.
  • Blueprint… teaches us about reverse mortgages. Honestly, I keep having to read about what they are because I keep forgetting. And I don’t think I’d want my gram to get one on her house. Read the article and see if you can figure out why.

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