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Best Personal Finance articles from Carnival of Personal Finance #111

Plonkee Money hosted this week’s Carnival of Personal Finance. Plonkee created the theme of the Glastonbury Festival, since it’s going on this week. My article “Is the thought of debt ruining your life” was featured in the Sacred Space area with all the other hippies.

Here are some of my favorites from the carnival:

  • Millionaire Mommy Next Door gives us a year’s worth of weekly cheap dates
  • Free Money Finance tells engaging and educational story about their night with Saladmaster. Learn how to deal with those high-pressure sales tactics by simply saying NO. I liked one commenter’s statement”Door-to-door salespeople are the popup advertising of the real world.
  • Indebted 2 You wrote up a good analysis of why’s it’s OK to shop at Walmart (sometimes)
  • Christianity with Purpose illustrates how God provides for us when we need it. His article From debt to financial freedom illustrates his struggle with debt early in marriage
  • Financial Dominance highlights something I’ve expected for a while; Public schools are part-time masters programs are better than top-name schools for MBA degrees. Read “Wait! Don’t pick Harvard just yet!”
  • And finally, Getting to Enough illustrates why keeping your priorities straight is important in “Less is More

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