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My Best Money Saving Story This Holiday Season


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We’re keeping it light here at CleverDude as we turn the corner into the home stretch of the holiday season. The stress of shopping during the holiday season is eased just a little when a person finds a great deal and I wanted to share my best money saving story this season with you!

I was looking for a tripod screen for our projector to use on the last minute trip out of town. I was limited by my options as to what was in stock locally, but I found one at Best Buy for $120 that fit our requirements. I purchased it online and had it shipped to store. Since it was already in stock at the store, all I had to do was head to the customer service desk after work to pick it up.

A had a surprise waiting for me, however, when I arrived at the customer service desk. The person handed me a long box with an orange sticker on it that said, “Open Box Item.” The price listed on the box was $64, almost half off! I got a little concerned looking at the box, as it said the condition was “satisfactory.” I was reassured it came with the same warranty as a new item, so I decided to take it.

Once in the parking lot, I checked my bank account and noticed I had been charged the full amount. So, back to the store I went, and explained my situation and stated I would rather have a new one is possible. The representative checked the inventory and found that the open box item was the only one in stock, so she prepared to give me a price adjustment.

As part of the price adjustment process, a manager was called to override the price in the system. The manager reviewed the situation, apologized, and stated he was going to reduce the price even further for my inconvenience.

The real test came when I got home. As I opened the box, I was hoping the screen wasn’t broken or severely damaged. I had it put together in a few minutes, and looked it over for defects. I couldn’t find any.

I got a perfectly functioning $120 projector screen for $30.

Buying an open box item can save you money, but it doesn’t always work out. Sometimes you have to accept an item slightly damaged. In this case, my screen was in perfect condition and worked perfectly, for 1/4th the cost.

How about you, CleverFriends, what’s your favorite money-saving story from this holiday season?

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