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Best Frugality Posts from the Festival of Frugality #96

I’m a few days late on this one, but I was pretty busy this past week with closing the pool, a mid-term exam, work, our wedding anniversary, etc. But here it is! My highlights from the Festival of Frugality, hosted by Fire Finance:

  • Here at Clever Dude, I wrote about how my coworkers make fun of my coupons, but they use them anyway.
  • Encouraging Coach talks about simplifying Halloween. Twenty years ago, I used pillowcases to carry the candy and my mom made my costumes.
  • Opinion Mom touts the idea of “play clothes” to extend the life of your wardrobe. I also have work clothes, dress clothes and social clothes. For my work clothes, I use old tees, shorts and jeans. When I come home from work, I immediately change out of my dress clothes (and hang them up) and into my lounge-wear. I get MANY more wears out of my business clothes before sending to the dry cleaner this way.
  • Paid Twice is faced with a dilemma over getting her daughter stuff for her birthday “just because”. I can sympathize, from a receiving end. I have outright told my parents, Stacie’s parents, my grandma and even Stacie that I want no gifts for my birthday. However, grandma still gives me a small present, even on her fixed income. This year, it was a pink Ralpha Lauren polo shirt. Hmm, wrong color, and how did she afford RL? Sigh.
  • Money Blue Book tells of a secret way to get free coupons: ASK! Stacie gets crates of food because she’s a dietitian and simply asks. Unfortunately, they’re cases of Fiber One cereal and oyster crackers. Why can’t we get a case of Oreos???
  • And lastly, Saving Advice discusses the problem of “Social Obligation Expenses” (i.e. all your friends, family and coworkers pushing you to spend when you can’t or don’t want to).

And now it’s time to take a nap! Have a great weekend!

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  • Mmmm… oreos.

    Thanks for the mention! Would you believe that right this very moment, some sort of huge plastic slide is being shipped to us courtesy of my parents? Heh.

    That’s what we need. A plastic slide in our playroom. lol

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