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Best Frugality Posts from the Festival of Frugality #91

Stop the Ride! hosted the 91st Festival of Frugality this week, and it was a collection of some great articles. This usually isn’t one of those hit or miss carnivals, but I’d say this one was a hit because I found so many good posts. Here are just a few of my favorites:

  • Being Frugal asks “What do you need to be happy?” A short article, but with poignant questions and insight.
  • I enjoyed Rather Be Shopping’s analysis of his dad’s frugality. No, I don’t think any of those things are weird. They might be a pain to do, but keep doing them and they’ll become second nature.
  • Although we’re not debt-free, I’m trying not to incur more debt. Hence, I can relate to The Wastrel’s Show’s post that debt-free is a lonely road.
  • Money, Matter & More Musings has a dead-on description of why big birthday parties are crazy. My childhood parties consisted of the standard pin-the-tail and homemade birthday cake. I had fun and so did my friends. I didn’t have 50 people at the party. I think I had about 10 or less, and they were always great.
  • This is one of those things that you would all call me cheap for had I posted it, but I liked Five Cent Nickel’s method of refilling travel toothpaste tubes. Mainly, it’s because we just used up our travel tube. I’ll try it out soon.

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