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Best Frugality Posts from Festival of Frugality 82

Mr. Credit Card hosted an excellent story format for the 82nd Festival of Frugality this week. The Festival is a compilation of articles about frugal living, submitted by their authors.

Here are my 5 favorites:

  1. Trent at The Simple Dollar highlights how frugality can be fun. I mentioned how I have a mental competition with myself when I drive my wife’s car. I can’t help but try to beat my best gas mileage when I’m in her car! Also, I’m the guy at work that shuts off the light in the janitor’s closet every morning. Dude, stop leaving the light on!
  2. My Wealth Builder notes the costs of using the Walmart debit card. I didn’t even know they had one, but I’m sure millions of weekly shoppers do. Now hopefully some of you know how expensive this card is!
  3. The Happy Rock did some calculations and found out vending machines can cost us 580% more than grocery stores. My coworker buys 2 sodas and a sweet (usually a packet of M&M’s) every day. Generally he purchases from the cafeteria ($1.75 after tax for a large cup), but when they’re closed, he buys a bottle of soda ($1.35 for a 20oz). He spends about $4.50 every single day, plus about $7-$9 on lunch. What a waste. I just drink water, unless I absolutely need something with taste (once a week or two).
  4. Money Walks gives 11 reasons why he loves to budget. I wouldn’t say I love to budget, but I do like a little internal competition to see how close we can come to our estimates.
  5. And finally, My Two Dollars recaps Money Magazine’s article about the must-have and nice-to-have car safety features. I just read this Money article on the metro this morning and it reinforces this nagging feeling that I’ve had about my wife’s cars. Neither car has side airbags, and the Malibu also doesn’t have anti-lock brakes. As much as I’m tired of car shopping, I’d like to switch her out into a safer vehicle and dump the other 2 cars. I’m just not sure if the market is flooded with Malibus right now.

Thanks Mr. CC!

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  • Jackie, why would I mind? The more, the merrier!

    Stacie helped me to begin saving by stopping my needless spending (mostly) and making me realize that even with the amount of debt we have, that we could find a way to save money first, not last.

  • Would like to know more on how you managed to put aside savings. What did stacey teach you that you were not doing before? I have been trying to get it together after some bad financial decisions. Getting there slowly but surely.
    I am going to add you under favorites to keep up with your blog hope you don’t mind.

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