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Best Frugality Articles from the Festival of Frugality #92

Hey, I actually participated in 3 carnivals/festivals this week! That’s after a no-show for all of last week. The third one after the Carnival of Personal Finance and Carnival of Debt Reduction is the Festival of Frugality, hosted by No Credit Needed. I really had to pace myself because all of these carnivals had TONS of great articles submitted by the authors.

My own article “Cancelled Blockbuster Online in Favor of Redbox” was featured near the top in the Around the House section. Here are some of my own favorites from the festival:

  • Jim tells us how having goals helps you to be frugal. However, dangling a carrot to a dieter isn’t the best motivation. I’ll stick to chocolate chip cookies!
  • Mrs. Micah explains how shopping in (not from) your own home can save money. When I started school again (2 weeks ago), I thought of the notebooks and folders I would need, but then remembers we have tons of binders, papers and manila filing folders lying around.
  • A Penny Closer explains why she and her husband kept frivolous items in their budget. You all know my stance on cable (miss it sometimes) and Tivo (use a stinkin VCR!), but I can’t knock someone for spending money on something they enjoy, as long as they think about their purchase and knock off the extras they don’t need.
  • Stop the Ride! has some ingenious frugal household tips. I’ll try the homemade Drano solution in our sinks.
  • Although I hate clutter, some people just have to own the DVD, video game or book. Jeremy’s Consumer Corner details buying second-hand media.

That’s 5 already? Dang, I had more favorites! Guess you’ll have to check out the festival for yourself!

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