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Best Finance Articles from Carnival of Personal Finance #122

Hey, I actually participated in 2 carnivals this week! Since I’m in the middle of studying for my first mid-term (tonight), I’m going to have to keep this roundup brief, and do the roundups of the other 2 carnivals later.

Mighty Bargain Hunter, aka Dr. Zeuss, hosted this week’s Carnival of Personal Finance. Dr. Zuess hosted the entire carnival in classic Dr. Seuss fashion with rhymes and all. Very, very creative. What’s even better is he chose my article “Trying and Buying Musical Instruments the Wrong Way” as an Editor’s Choice!

Here are some of my non-editor’s choices:

  • I actually forgot that I worked for Primerica for about 2 weeks in the summer of my junior/senior year of college until I read The Financial Blogger’s article The Primerica Paradox. The article says it all. They’re a scam. Luckily I don’t remember losing much money (less than $50). Believe me, stay away from Primerica, even if you’re mother is a “representative”.
  • Being Frugal asks if it’s nature or nurture affecting our financial decisions. I was definitely a spender, but thanks to Stacie, I’m becoming a cheap, old man! Thanks honey!
  • Money Blue Book explains why he isn’t in a rush to pay off his student loans. Honestly, I had to click through to tell him that he should pay off that debt, until I saw why he’s waiting.
  • Sometimes it’s best to see others’ mistakes rather than successes to really learn. Debt Free Revolution tells of her biggest financial mistakes. Ok, I bought some stupid things on credit, but a horse? C’mon! 🙂
  • Thrifty Penny has an inventive method for ensuring they go to the gym…a fat tax! I would be broke if I had to pay their tax 🙁
  • And since school is on my mind, My Wealth Builder teaches us the value of higher education. I fully expect my $30,000 masters degree will pay back in under 5 years after graduation (maybe even before). However, I’m only paying about half out of my pocket.

Well, time to go learn about Earned Value Management and Work Breakdown Structures! Wish me luck!

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