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Best Finance Articles from Carnival of Personal Finance #117 hosted the 117th Carnival of Personal Finance this week. Why didn’t I contribute an article? I forgot, and I was gone all weekend. So nyah! Actually, I got to see my parents, gram and nieces, and also tailgated for the Penn State vs Notre Dame game (Go State!).

Here are some of my favorites from this week’s carnival:

  • Gather Little by Little compares driving to personal finance
  • Money, Matter & More Musings details why credit card arbitrage is a thing of the past. I never played this game because I’m too lazy, but I’m glad I’ll be done with my credit card debt this month. I relied heavily on 0% transfers to save me from interest that last 6 years.
  • Make Your Nut asks if they’re subprime borrowers. Actually, are we subprime too? I never looked into the definition of a subprime borrower, but if it’s based on loan type, then yes, but if on credit, then no. Maybe I should look into this.
  • My Wealth Builder says “Get those money monkeys off my back!” That’s a unique way to look at it.
  • For those who need a little more out of personal finance blogs than topics about debt and frugality, Ask Dong gives a few tips for what’s next after debt
  • Being Frugal questions whether to make more money or be more frugal? Personally, I would rather be more frugal because 1) I’m too lazy to try to make more money and 2) I like the idea of not wasting. However, this site qualifies as making more money.
  • And last, but not least, has made Fire Finance’s list of top 100 Personal Finance Blogs at #27. Granted, there’s some debate about the numbers (based on Quantcast monthly traffic estimates), but I have to say I’m in good company on this list.

Oh, and a little announcement. As of the writing of this article (Tuesday night after class), I’m only 10 subscribers shy of 900! So why don’t you subscribe to my RSS feed or email newsletter???

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