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Best Debt Posts from the Carnival of Debt Reduction #107

Wow, these carnival roundups take a lot of time! I spend at least 3 hours per week going through each of the 3 big ones (Debt Reduction, Personal Finance and Frugality), so I hope they’re helpful to you readers! I do enjoy doing them because I get to see what else the PF blogosphere has to say.

I didn’t have a debt article last week for the 107th Carnival of Debt Reduction, hosted by Moolanomy, but I still enjoyed many of the included posts. Here are some of my favorites:

  • Ana from DebtFREE Revolution writes a good response to “If credit cards went the way of the dinosaur“. I especially like her statements about her mother’s use of credit cards. Just substitute my dad in there and you have a match (according to my mother). Hope dad’s not reading this! Or maybe I do.
  • Although I’m tired of hearing about the subprime mess, and I never link to anything about it, I did enjoy The Digerati Life’s article on the causes and consequences of the subprime crisis. There, that’s probably the only link I’ll give about it 🙂
  • I like pictures, so I also liked No Credit Needed’s graphical representation of a debt snowball.
  • Paid Twice has irregular income as an independent contractor and has had to deal with the emotional impacts of temporary setbacks more than once.
  • You don’t need to tell me twice that debt = stress, but I’ll let Frugal Dollar tell me again anyway.
  • Being Frugal warns about the risks of 90 days same as cash. We bought most of our furniture sets on these types of plans (usually 1 year no interest, no payments) and were lucky enough to pay it all off by the end of the term, but it’s a risk.
  • And lastly, Saving Advice tells us how to save money by doing our financial chores.

Whew. Now I should get back to work.

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