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Best Debt Articles from Carnival of Debt Reduction #103

New Personal Finance blogger Ana at DebtFREE-Revolution has hosted the 103rd Carnival of Debt Reduction. The carnival features articles about reducing your debt, as well as other posts about debt management. I didn’t have any debt-specific articles this past week, but I wanted to highlight a few of my favorite articles by other writers:

  • An oddly, but appropriately, named site Reggie, the Black Kid with Good Credit tells why he didn’t use a credit counseling service to get out of debt. I also question why someone would need this service, but then I realize that many people don’t know where to start and/or won’t listen to friends/relatives. However, always crunch numbers for yourself, even if it comes from a “professional adviser”.
  • Info For Your Potential wrote a huge, detailed starter guide to debt. I’d bookmark it to read in a few passes since there’s so much information.
  • Being Frugal tells us what Little House on the Prairie taught her about debt. I watched the show too, but I can’t stand to watch it now. I guess I had a different taste as a kid.
  • The Digerati Life highlights how credit card companies target our kids. I wouldn’t say that those tactics are just for kids. I just signed up for the Mini Cooper credit card because that’s probably the next car we get for Stacie in a year or two. Their rewards are only marginally competitive though, but I could get a card with the exact design Stacie wants for her own Mini! Bad Mike! Bad!
  • Felipe, a Brazilian-born and raised writer for The Boulevard for Retirement writes how Brazilians think of debt versus Americans’ point of view in False Hopes and Credit.

I found a few new sites to subscribe to this week. Give these sites, and the rest of the sites at this week’s carnival a try too!

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