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Best Articles from Tax Carnival #24 and Everything Finance #6

This past week, I decided to branch out into other carnivals (other than the big 3: Personal Finance, Frugality, and Debt Reduction). Since I had a tax-related article and another finance article that didn’t make it into the other carnivals when it was written, I tried out the Carnival of Taxes, hosted by Don’t Mess with Taxes and the Carnival of Everything Finance, hosted by, you guessed it, Everything Finance.

For the Carnival of Taxes, my article “How to Value Clothing Donations” was featured along with these other great posts:

  • The Agonist highlights The Income Tax Lie. Guess how much Warren Buffet pays in income taxes compared to his receptionist.
  • Although I wanted to highlight this in another carnival last week, I didn’t have enough room, but this time I want to note The Wandering Tax Pro’s article “It’s That Time of Year Again!” to remind us of certain tax to-dos to prepare us for the upcoming filing season.

For the Carnival of Everything Finance, Shawn’s guest article “Are You in the (Financial) Loop?” was featured as an Editor’s Pick! Here are some of my other favorites from the carnival:

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