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Benjamin Wallace on “The Price of Happiness”

How would you like to sample the best of the best across 12 categories. From Kobe beef and truffles to $30,000/night hotel rooms, I think that many of the most expensive, “fanciest” items in the world are more about the experience and feeling rather than the value of the actual product as compared to its peers.

Did people notice his expensive jeans? Did they notice he washed with $120 per bar silver soap? What was the result of a blind taste-test of olive oil? Did the most expensive win? Watch the video below to find out.

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Courtesy TED

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  • oh man, i had kobe beef last year and wasn’t a fan – much rather have a nice $20 steak and then gamble away the other $100 at the poker tables 😉 (i was in vegas when i tried it out…and i wasn’t paying.)

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