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Back to School and 1 Month Left of Credit Card Debt

Two big things happening this month:

1. Wednesday is my first day of graduate school. Stacie will be packing my lunch and seeing me off to the yellow bus. I’m sure she’ll be crying cause her little boy is all grown up. Oh, wait, I can drive myself to school. I’m not sure how much work I can expect out of my 2 classes this semester, but I’m also working full-time and we’re in testing phase of our project. This means I may slow down my writing, but I’ll still try to get something interesting and/or informative out each weekday. As with the last few weeks, I won’t be posting on weekends unless there’s something newsworthy that can’t wait.

2. Yesterday, I paid the next to last amount on our credit card debt! I sent a $3,000 check to Citibank which brings our remaining loan down to about $2,800 of the original $20,000. I’ve had that debt since college, but I was able to bounce it from one 0% offer to another for the last 6 years. No more! It was just time to get rid of that debt, and I’ll be doing it a month earlier than planned.

Next debt on the chopping block: my student loan. I have about $15,000 left of the original $20,000 loan, and it’s at 6.25%. It’s the highest interest rate of our remaining debt, and it’s time to go!

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