Back on the Mend: Needles in My Back

Just a quick update that my back is feeling better, plus this morning I got some “Medial Branch Block” shots in my lower back. You can see the 4 needles in my back from the x-ray below. The doc had to use an xray to position the shots as close to the nerves (based on vertebrae location). The shot is meant to calm down my back nerves to get them to release my muscles so I’m not spasming and cramping.

While he used 4 needles, he punctured 8 times, as evidenced by the bandage I removed. The skin is sensitive where he stuck me, but I’m able to walk upright like the homosapien I am, rather than hunched over like a neanderthal. I still have sciatic pain in my left left when I walk (more than before), but with proper stretching, exercise and posture, I’ll be back to normal soon (hopefully).

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