Auto Upkeep Woes: Ways to Keep Motoring Costs Down

auto-financing-2157347_1920Keeping your car on the road and running costs as low as possible is a challenge that seems to get harder each year as the cost of motoring continues to rise.

Here are some pointers on how to keep a lid on those costs and stay on the road for as little as possible each year.

There is a look at the best way of insuring your car for the lowest price,

Don’t fall into the renewal trap

It might be the easy route to get your renewal notice from your current auto insurer and agree to their renewal quote without searching around to see if there is a better deal elsewhere.

It might be easier to stay with the same insurer for your car but that is what they are banking on most of the time and there is a high chance that if you take the time to shop around there is going to be a cheaper deal to be had elsewhere.

Insuring your vehicle is an integral part of your annual motoring costs so don’t pay more than you have to. Sometimes, you can get a better quote elsewhere and call your current insurer to see if they will match the deal, so you could end up staying with them but paying less than they first asked for.

Never accept the automatic renewal until you have checked whether you can save money with a cheaper deal elsewhere.

Keeping the cost of repairs and maintenance down

For many motorists, the default option might be to take your car to the local garage to get it fixed or when it needs a service as part of the maintenance schedule.

Although some work requires a trained mechanic to handle there are certain auto service repair tasks that you could handle yourself, which could save you a lot of money each year.

If you follow the instructions from a repair manual for your make and model there are plenty of jobs that are well within the scope of many motorists and the sort of savings you can achieve by doing things like changing the plugs, oil, and air filters, plus basic repairs and replacement tasks, could potentially make a big difference to your motoring costs each year.

If you do need to use a local garage for some repairs make sure you check to compare hourly labor rates as these can vary greatly between repair centers and getting a quote beforehand can help you identify the cheapest option.

Watch your driving

You might be surprised to discover what a difference you can make to your fuel costs if you make a conscious effort to drive safely and economically.

Sudden acceleration and braking can have a big impact on your fuel consumption figures and it is not the safest way of driving either. Think about keeping to a steady speed so that you reduce the prospect of braking sharply and by cutting your speed down by about 15 mph on highways you could slash your fuel costs by as much as 25%.

Driving more slowly and carefully is a real no-brainer as it saves you on your motoring costs in terms of fuel consumption and wear and tear, plus it should help to keep you safer when you are more in control of your car.

Check your tires regularly

There are several key issues directly related to driving your car with under-inflated tires.

If your tire pressures are around 10% below the manufacturer’s suggested setting that will equate to a 2.5% reduction in fuel efficiency, and if the more out they are from the suggested pressure the worse your fuel consumption gets.

Another big incentive for checking your tire pressures regularly is the fact that driving with underinflated tires puts you at greater risk of losing control of the vehicle and having an accident.

Add in the fact that you will have to pay to replace worn tires sooner when they are not correctly inflated and that should be enough to persuade you to get into the habit of checking the tire pressures every couple of weeks when you pull into the gas station.

Other ways to save on motoring include checking the tax band of the car you are thinking about buying to see how expensive it is and whether there is a cheaper alternative that would suit you just as well. Also, think about your annual mileage and whether a diesel or petrol option might be the most cost-effective solution.

The annual cost of motoring is expensive so it makes sense to do what you can to keep those bills as low as possible.

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