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Are you a coffee lover? Here are some things you should know

In order to be a true coffee lover you have to drink coffee daily. If you drink coffee, only when you meet with your friends you should not call yourself a coffee lover. Coffee is everywhere, so it is quite difficult to avoid drinking at least a cup daily. It does not matter what your preferences are, there is definitely a type of coffee you will enjoy drinking in the morning. Studies show that more than half of adults drink one or more cups of coffee per day, and the average number is around 3 cups per day. Some prefer to buy their coffee from coffee shops like Starbucks, while others prefer to prepare it at home. You do not need the knowledge of a barista to prepare the drink you like, but you need some knowledge if you want to call yourself a true coffee lover. Coffee is an amazing drink, and here are some things everyone should know about it.

We call them coffee beans but they are seeds

Yes, you heard it right, so many people refer to them as beans, but they are seeds from a plant. For them to get the form you notice when you buy your supplies they have to go through multiple processes. It takes some time to transform the seeds harvested from plants into the roasted beans you buy from your local coffee shop.

There are multiple roasting levels

As you may probably have noticed coffee beans come in multiple colours, their shade is related to the degree they were roasted. When they are removed from the berry, the beans do not have a brown colour, they come in a white or green shade. According to the level of roasting, they come in numerous shades from white to dark brown. Every colour has a different level of caffeine.

Coffee plantations cannot exist everyone

Coffee is considered a gem, because it cannot grow naturally everywhere around the world. It requires certain climatic conditions, and they are not encountered on all continents. It grows naturally between the tropics of Capricorn and Cancer. There are times when coffee is planted in greenhouses, but it does not have the same properties as the one that grows naturally.

White coffee is shite coffee

Some would not use their Gourmesso coupon codes to buy white coffee, because they have the misconception that it contains cream. White coffee is made from under-roasted coffee beans. There is not used the traditional roasting method, they are set out to dry in the heat and they turn white. If you want to prepare white coffee at home, you will need a special grinder, because the white beans are harder than the brown ones. Also, the taste is different from the one of traditional coffee, some would say that it is more similar to tea than to coffee.

You should try to discover different types of coffee, considering that you are a lover of this drink, and when you have tried all of them, you can decide which one is your favourite.


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