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Are we preaching to the choir?

After really delving into the world of personal finance sites over the last few months, I realized something:

You have to be searching for help to find it on one of our sites.

As I mentioned in my previous article “Stupid financial mistakes? Blame a river in Egypt!“, many people get themselves into financial trouble because they deny that they cannot afford something, or must answer to someone else (spouse, parents, kids, God) on each purchase.

Pride gets in the way. We want to be proud that we earned enough to be able to buy something (even if it’s on credit and we’re banking on earning the money in the future). We want to look good in front of strangers, even if they’ll forget you as soon as you pass.

If you’re one of these proud spenders, would you admit that you have a problem? Would you actually go out to search on how you can save more money? How about “using your credit wisely”?

I doubt it. I sure didn’t until about last summer when I learned this information was even available. So are we all just preaching to the choir? Are we just learning off each other and hoping that someone gets knocked down by debt so far that they’ll admit they have a problem and search us out?

My plan isn’t to just sit idle and hope people will search me out on Google. I’m also going to start preaching fiscal responsibility and pious living in my own personal life. Why should I keep quiet when a family member wants to blow a wad of cash on a new car when I’ve finally recognized that’s a very dumb idea?

I hope you all have the voice and the brass to do the same!

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  • I took over our family’s finances last summer, and through my web browsing I stumbled upon a few personal finance blogs. Obviously it was an area I was interested in at a crucial time in my life, I realized I knew nothing about money except earn, save, spend…and have been reading and searching for great finance blogs ever since. I’ve learned a great deal and have had a lot of my previous knowledge and ideas reinforced. I’ve been motivated, educated, and on a few levels entertained.

    In my case, you’re not preaching to the choir. You’re serving a purpose.

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