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Apology for the outages today

I apologize for the outages today on Clever Dude. You may have noticed that the categories on the left have much lower numbers now. I changed all my articles to only be associated to a single category over the weekend. However, stupid me didn’t realize that my permalinks (URLs) use the category in the URL. Therefore some (not sure how many) of my posts were unreachable.

I was working on my .htaccess file to try to redirect my categories, but I’m illiterate when it comes to this file, and just couldn’t get it to work (thanks to Trent from The Simple Dollar for trying to help). I finally accepted that WordPress was blocking the redirects. However, I did finally figure out how to redirect chunks of pages through a 301 redirect, so I’ll be working on reducing the amount of categories available over the next couple days.

Yeah, I hate clutter.

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