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Announcing Clever Dudette’s own nutrition website!

Building Nutrition

I’m pleased to announce the official launch of Clever Dudette’s (aka Stacie’s) own nutrition and fitness site, Building Nutrition.

She already had her own site, but we have decided to transfer her existing articles to the new site, as well as my Marathon Training for New Runners series (soon). She won’t be on a daily posting schedule for the immediate future, but I would expect at least a weekly article.

Stacie has a wealth of knowledge and experience she can share with us, and I’ll be assisting her in transferring that information into electronic format. Also, if you would like to guest-post on Building Nutrition, we’re happy to host your articles. You can contact us at our Building Nutrition email addresses.

You can find information for RSS and Email subscription options on the Building Nutrition homepage.

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  • It’s good to separate a big topic like that into it’s own site. I think the decision will make a big impact in the long term.

    I had a similar site once and I should’ve done the same as yours in the beginning. I delayed and finally, when a new domain was built for the new section, I had lost good Page Ranks (not menationing headache in fixing 301 redirections)

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