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An expensive night…and under $30k in debt for an instant

Before I head off to bed, I’d like to say we just spent a lot of money tonight!

1. The biggest one was $4,000 for the rest of our trip to Israel in November. This is our first real vacation in 5 years since our honeymoon, even if it’s with about 68 of our fellow church members. That makes the total cost (including the deposit and travel insurance) around $4,900 for the two of us on a 9 day trip. While I know we can always do cheaper, I just wanted to let someone else worry about the planning and just enjoy myself for once. Both times in Ireland (2002 and 2003), I drove the whole time and always stressed about lodging, directions and cost. This time, everything except lunches and souvenirs are paid for. Everything. I get to totally enjoy myself.

2. Next was paying down the last $1,500 on my summer tuition off my Discover Business Card. That payment brought us under $30,000 in total debt, but only briefly. Just think, we went from $112,000 to $30,000 in just a few years! I’ll write more about that soon.

3. But the victory was short-lived, as I had to pay $2,600 for fall tuition. I used our Discover card again since it’s 0% for a year (ends for us in December) and I earn rewards. So now we’re sitting at about $30,700 in debt, and I expect to get back under $30k in the next few weeks. I’ll update the debt scales sometime soon.

So it hurt to spend all that money ($8,100) in both cash and credit, but I know it’s going to a well-deserved rest and a hard-earned masters degree.

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  • It does feel a bit fun spending money though, doesn’t it? I love saving, don’t get me wrong, but throwing up money like that feels great every now and then.

  • The masters degree will be worth its cost in opportunities and extra income. Not many people can boast that they’ve gone one of those. So for as much as it cost you money that one is more of an investment in my opinion.

    As for the vacation… good for you! Taking a good long relaxing vacation is worth it sometimes. Last year we took our honeymoon in Paris and its a trip I’ll cherish for years and I’m not worried about how much it cost.

  • In one of my discussions I talk about the goals of saving. Whether its a vacation, new home, nice watch… Whatever the example is, we save for a reason. We spend our lives counting the pennies, for what? To do exactly what you did.

    There is no greater reward for all of your hard work than to splurge a little and reap the rewards you so deserve. I applaud your spending and more so, your awareness of it. The reason many fall into debt is because they are not aware of the hole they are digging more than a baby knows what fire is until he touches it.

    You will enjoy the trip and the tuition will pay itself back over time.


  • Masters, I’m doing mine too! Good to hear that I’m not the only one spend so much money on education. But like everyone always says, it will pay off. So that’s what I’m banking on. I’m trying hard to pay it in cash so that I don’t have to worry about the interest and what not, but there’s only so much cash I have so I normally put what I can’t pay myself on a nice student loan.

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