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Adoption vs Natural Birth – We need your opinion!

I’m going to justify this post as Personal Finance because what could be more expensive than having kids?

Anyway, my wife and I feel like we’re called to adopt. However, we haven’t started “trying” for a natural birth yet (is there a better way to state that?).

We need your honest opinions:

We’ve been been questioned on why we would adopt when we might be able to have our own children. We’ve questioned our own motives and reasons, as well as wondered how friends, family and society would view our actions.

  • How do you feel about adopting a child before you know if you can even have your own?
  • Would you be offended if your grown child chooses someone else’s bloodline rather than trying to continue your own? Is that just silly thinking?
  • Should we change our thinking about bringing our own child into this world when there’s so many others who need a family?

We appreciate your views. We’d also like to get the views of any of you who have adopted or were adopted. We’re just starting our studies on adoption and the choices and decisions seem daunting.

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  • Dude, How about an update on this? Would love to hear how your thought process has evolved over the last nine years. The time gap makes it a very interesting case study.

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