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A Guide to Choosing the Best Drip Tips

Drip tips make contact with your mouth, just like the way the wheels on your car make contact on the road. Drivers barely think about the wheels when choosing a car, but it is equally important to consider since this is what gives you balance on the road. On the other hand, drip tips will help you get the best from your atomizers hence enjoy vaping more. These tips allow you to access vast trails of vapor from your device comfortably and with ease.

Below is a guide to choosing the best drip tips:


The size of the tip is the most crucial part of your drip for this will determine the amount of vape consumed. There are several sizes of drip tips. However, you should choose the one that will satisfy your vaping experience the most.

  • With a narrow tip, you may have to suck harder to reach vapor and sometimes inhaling through your lungs can be harder. Wider tips make inhaling easier and more comfortable, and you will need less effort to get vapor. Regardless of the size, it does not mean the narrow one is wrong or should not be used. But instead, it is essential to get the best vape drip tips to enjoy vaping more.
  • Consider the length of your drip tip too. Short tips make the vapor travel shorter distances and may give you a better flavor, but if it is too short, you may find it uncomfortable since you inhale too much and end up spitting some of it.
  • Another thing to consider is the diameter of your drip. Larger tips have more targets, and there is more air in your mouth. The width of the tip does not have any influence in flavors, although it is good to get tips that are common and those that can fit several other devices.


Choose a material that you are most comfortable using. Regardless, it mostly depends on what you prefer. They are some commonly used materials for drip tips and below are a few of them:

• Glass

This material is good for it does not rust and will not get hot easily. Glass as a material can make your atomizer cool. It does not require paint application and it is very easy to clean. Glass gives a certain class and the sophisticated group of users prefers this type of drip tip. On the other hand, glass breaks easily and you will have to be extra careful when handling it.

• Plastic

This type of tip is quite affordable and easy to replace. It has smooth texture and is readily available. It may not be suitable around hot temperatures for it heats up fast and maybe disfigured or melt, but you can use the more expensive plastic like Delrin that is more resistant to heat. You can use plastic for smaller devices that you do not plan to use for prolonged periods of time.

• Steel

These are the most popular drip tips. They are equally affordable and leave you very satisfied. They are strong, can be crafted to give different shapes and have the ability to withstand corrosion and their designs are appealing. Stainless steel drip tips come in various colours and are perfect for any device.

• Stone

This a unique type of drip tip that tends to be more expensive than others. It is made from stone composites and resins and brings out style. It is easy to decorate a drip tip made of stone and the result is beautiful and its price worth.

• Wood

There is wood that is stabilized to last long. The treated wood is not likely to experience problems compared to the natural wood. It may be more expensive but will give you longer service.


It can be unsatisfying if your drip tip is made from quality material, got the right size but the only thing that is stopping you from considering it as the perfect drip is the color. Choose an eye-catching color since colored drip tips are more appealing compared to plain ones.

Drip tips need proper cleaning. Spitting juices that gather on the sides should be cleaned off and the tips well maintained for a better vaping experience.

With all the information above, you can now choose the drip tip that suits your personal preference. You can try different tips until you settle for the one that pleases you the most.


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