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8 random things about me

LuLuGal from tagged me to write up 8 random things about myself. I don’t mind writing random personal things, but for goodness sake, don’t make me pass the chain post along! Anywho, here’s 8 random things about me:

  1. My favorite food is a chocolate chip cookie (preferably a whole bunch of them). Crisp on the outside and soft on the inside. And don’t ruin it with oatmeal or raisins! This is the only food that has lasted through childhood as a favorite food.
  2. I complain about running, but I like the pain. Yep, the pain and exhaustion at the end of a long or hard run is what keeps me coming back for more. The hardest part is getting the run started though.
  3. I’m good at making the women in my family cry. Not in a bad way mind you. Apparently I’m good at writing blurbs in birthday, Christmas and Mother’s Day cards so well that I got all three of the women (sister, mom and grandmama) to cry this Mother’s Day. Not sure how long I can keep it up though. It’s getting hard to beat the previous year.
  4. I can’t prioritize. Should this have been number 1?
  5. I complain about maintaining my pool, house and yard, but I love the satisfaction when the work is done (oh, and the pain too). Nothing better than knowing I was able to replace that refrigerator or stove part, or fix that plumbing, or stain the deck and fence.
  6. Unfortunately (for #5), I have no patience and I often break things while fixing something else. I literally don’t have any patience. I’m learning from my wife and father-in-law, but had I done my research and moved patiently, I wouldn’t be replacing the replacement PVC that I already replaced twice now. Yep, that’s what I’ll be doing on Independence Day. More plumbing work that I already thought I fixed…twice.
  7. I’m known as the funny one at work. Not because I can tell a good joke. Technically, when I try to be funny, I’m not. I think it’s the same way on this site. I’m just honest about the stupid things I do in my life, and my coworkers seem to love it. They’re all so private about their lives and they think they have nothing funny happening, but they just have to be less serious about their lives. Maybe they’re just not as stupid as I am…
  8. I’m not really as stupid as I say I am. It’s just an easy way to explain my lack of patience and planning. I’m not clumsy either. I just tend to use brute force, rather than finesse, to accomplish things.

Alright, who should I tag? I won’t tag anyone who probably won’t respond, but you never know with these things:

  1. Nickel from Five Cent Nickel
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Sorry I had to do that to you guys and gals! You can direct all backlash towards LuLuGal 🙂

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