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7 Ways to Raise Money for a Worthy Cause While Having Fun

raising money while having fun, fun volunteering, raising moneyVolunteering your time and money for a worthy cause is a rewarding experience. But who says you can’t have a good time while building a better awareness. In fact, you may be able to raise attention and more money by hosting a unique activity. You’re also fostering social interaction by bringing the community together as a family. The following are fun ways to motivate your city and have a blast doing so.


Blogging is a popular informational format where people discuss everything from meal delivery services to fashion, like men’s leather bracelets or lapel pins. If you have a charitable organization that you’re looking to advertise and help raise money, you may want to use the blogging platform for your cause. You can begin by telling your blogging audience about the organization and why it’s so important. Use personal examples of the struggles and seriousness behind the organization. If you’ve decided on a special fundraiser, you can blog about the event, time and date. To attract more visitors, display photos and post to the various social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and YouTube. When the event has culminated, use the blog to thank those who supported your organization. If this is something that you wish to keep ongoing, update your blog regularly with stories and upcoming activities.

Race for a Cause

If you’re looking for a fun way to raise money for a worthy cause, you may want to host a charity 5K race. Whether the participants run or walk to the finish line, races are a great way to bring out active supporters. Plus, the event focuses on encouragement and wellness by getting everyone to stay fit and healthy. Hosting it around Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine’s Day or St. Patrick’s Day allows you to design a fun theme around the event.

Children’s Carnival

Hosting a children’s carnival centered round your charity allows you to include families from your local community. By setting up carnival themed games, rides and attractions, you can keep everyone entertained and raise funds for your organization. Simple activities such as a moon bounce house, face painting and games are a great place to start. If you have the time and resources, you may also want to include a petting zoo, food and rides.

Zumba or Yoga Classes

Another way to bring attention to your charity and stay healthy is through yoga or Zumba. Ask your local fitness studio if they would design a special class devoted to your cause. When participants sign up, all the proceeds would go to your organization. The class would also be an excellent advertisement for the studio or facility involved with the fitness class. Pick something easy that most individuals would have fun participating in.

Fashion Show

Hosting a fashion show can be a fun way to put the spotlight on your worthy cause. If you’re looking for people to walk the catwalk, ask for volunteers from your organization such as cancer survivors. If your sponsoring an event for pets, the models could walk down the runway with cats or dogs looking for a forever home.

Seasonal Celebration

Charities such as cancer, homeless pets and feeding the hungry need the spotlight no matter what time of year. Dependent on the season, there are a variety of activities you can asocial with every season. To raise money for your charity, charge an admission fee to your seasonal festival. Whether you’re decorating cookies for the holidays, hosting a boat race in summer or pumpkin picking in fall, there are so many things you can do to get your charity noticed and families involved.

Community Concert

A local concert is a fun activity that could bring out a crowd of supporters. If you have the means, find regional talent that would bring the community together. Use the support of local businesses and ask if anyone could donate their products or services for the special event. A large percentage of the entrance fee into the concert would go toward the charity. In the months leading up to the event, advertise through social media and local newspapers.

Charitable organizations need financial donations in order to help those in need. If you’re looking to bring attention to your worthy cause, the above fun and unique activities are sure to bring the crowd together.

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  • Awesome article! I can’t think of anything more rewarding then volunteering to help someone else. I try to volunteer whenever I get a chance, but I think I will try even harder after reading this. Good stuff James.

  • I’ve been an active Red Cross volunteer for over 5 years (both emergency + other activities) and it’s been great and lots of fun too! Granted, I volunteer my time, not money, but I’ve met many amazing people this way, made a few great friends and together, we often participate in charity events aimed to raise money for different causes. Helping those in need is indeed an amazing experience.

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