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7 Ways Quitting Alcohol Can Save You Money

How much alcohol do you consume in a week? Maybe you find yourself going to the bar every Friday night and drinking in the evening at home during the week. You probably know the health benefits of avoiding alcoholic beverages, but have you ever considered the financial benefits? Checkout seven ways you can save by avoiding alcohol.

1. Bar Tabs 

If you like to go out with friends to the bars on the weekends, you know how easy it is to end up with a high bar tab to pay at the end of the evening. Maybe you buy a few drinks for friends and they buy some for you. It’s easy to lose track of your budget for alcoholic beverages. If you avoid alcoholic beverages, then you won’t end up shelling out money every weekend to pay a weighty bar tab.

In addition to the actual bar tab, you can add the tips you give into your bar budget. You may tip bartenders, waitresses and other staff so you can enjoy excellent service while you’re out.

2. The Cost of Eating Out 

For many people, drinking alcohol goes right along with eating out at restaurants and pubs. So, in addition to the cost of the alcoholic beverages, you are paying for entrees, side dishes, appetizers and desserts. If you decide to stop drinking, you can switch to eating at restaurants that don’t serve alcohol. The cost of eating at these restaurants is usually less than restaurants that have wine lists and serve mixed drinks. So, you can still eat out, but you are saving money by not drinking alcohol and visiting restaurants that are more economical.

3. Taxi Service 

If you drink alcohol, you should always arrange for transportation ahead of time, so you don’t drink and drive. Using taxis on nights when you drink can turn into an expensive habit. Avoiding alcoholic beverages will save you the cost of paying for taxis and other transportation.

4. Alcohol Consumed at Home 

If you drink alcohol in bars or restaurants, you likely have a supply at home. Putting beer, wine or other alcoholic beverages on your grocery list each week can really add up. So, when you stop drinking, you can eliminate the cost of keeping a supply of alcohol in your refrigerator.

5. Habits That Go with Alcohol 

If you drink alcohol, there’s a good chance you also smoke cigarettes. There is no doubt that a smoking habit can be costly. Sometimes quitting one habit can lead to abandoning the other. So, if you tend to smoke cigarettes or cigars while drinking alcohol, you may end up quitting your smoking habit. This can certainly end up in financial savings.

6. Hangover Treatments 

After a night of drinking alcohol, you may end up with a hangover the next morning. You are likely to purchase aspirin and other treatments to relive the symptoms of your hangover. This isn’t a large expense, but it can add up over time. If you don’t drink alcohol, you won’t suffer hangovers and you won’t need to purchase medicines for relief.

7. Lost Days of Work Due to Hangover

Sometimes a night of drinking results in a hangover that is so bad you aren’t able to make it into work the next morning. Unless you have paid sick days, you are losing pay for those days. This can certainly cause issues with your household budget. If you don’t drink, you won’t have to miss work due to hangovers.

Lastly, these are just seven ways you can save money by quitting drinking. Thinking about the financial savings may be the inspiration you need to quit the habit. Try quitting for a couple weeks to get a taste of the health and financial benefits that come your way!


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