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7 Best Upcoming Smartphones

CleverDude_CellPhoneUpgradeSome smartphones are worth waiting for. Before you decide to sign up for the 24-month contract and buy yourself a new phone, it is a good idea to take a look at the best upcoming smartphones in the next few months. After all, you don’t want to feel disappointed because you could have bought a better phone if you had waited for a short while. The best upcoming smartphones boast some amazing new features and are better and faster than the old ones.

Here is a list of the best smartphones you should look forward to:

1.    LG G Flex 3

After the LG G5 was launched at the Mobile World Congress in 2016, the South Korean company is now focusing on their next game changer, which is also the successor of G Flex 2. This previous model had become renowned due to its bended u shaped body and the LG G Flex 3 is rumored to have a better finish than its predecessor. The device is expected to be launched in September 2016 in IFA Berlin. As per reports, it will boast the Snapdragon 830 processor instead of the 820 found in most flagship devices. Other features include a 20.7 megapixel rear camera that can capture 4K videos and an 8MP camera at the front. Although there are now ways to charge your smartphones in less than a minute, quick batter consumption is still an issue most face. With this phone, a very strong battery life is expected.

2.    Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Plus

Samsung has already launched its premium flagship devices, the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge, but it is expected to give them an upgrade in the form of the Galaxy S7 Edge Plus like with previous year’s models. But, no confirmation has been provided by Samsung. Regardless, it is expected to include the high end specifications seen in this year’s flagship smartphones and will have some enhancements such as an improved camera and a slightly bigger screen.

3.    Xiaomi Mi 6

The brand is known for its budget yet high-end smartphones so there are a lot of expectations associated with the Xiaomi Mi 6. As a matter of fact, the rumors indicate that the Chinese giant is doing something completely different this time around and will launch a killer device. The Mi 5 device has left an impression as it has the features found in other flagship smartphones, but at a very low price tag. This means that the Mi 6 will have better specifications like the Snapdragon 830 processor and the latest Android N OS.

4.    OnePlus 3

As per the rumors, OnePlus 2’s successor will be arriving in the form of OnePlus 3 and it is expected to be more powerful and efficient than its older version. OnePlus 2 gained popularity for its performance and camera and the OnePlus 3 is expected to outshine its predecessor. The specifications will get an upgrade and people are hoping for a better display this time around, which was quite disappointing in the last model. Rumors indicate that it would boast Android Marshmallow or even the upcoming Android N.

5.    Apple iPhone 7

After launching the iPhone SE for the lower end of the market, Apple will be working on its next flagship smartphone i.e. the iPhone 7. Apple’s devices tend to get really crazy reactions from the market as evident with the iPhone 6 iteration, which is still selling quite well. Again, something high-end is expected from the American smartphone maker, which includes water proof or at least water resistant devices.

6.    Microsoft Surface Phone

The Lumia smartphones are not doing so great in the market as opposed to their competitors so Microsoft is obviously looking for a game changer. If the rumors are to be believed, Microsoft is working on the Surface Phone, which will basically be the phone version of its successful Surface tablet series. This will be the biggest flagship smartphone launched by the company after the company’s purchase of Nokia. The Finnish company is known for making durable and quality phones and combined with Microsoft’s expertise, they could really have a winner. Reports indicate that the phone will have a Quad HD screen, 21MP camera, 32-bit Windows compatible and Gorilla Glass.

7.    Samsung Galaxy Note 6

The Samsung Galaxy Note 6 is expected to arrive in August or September 2016 and it is expected to boast an Edge body. Samsung doesn’t plan to bore the geeks with the same thing over and over again so a flexible display is expected along with a super-thin body that hasn’t been seen as yet. The specifications are also going to get a solid boost, even better than the Galaxy S7 as the company wants to make the device a must-buy for its customers instead of a recycled or updated version of the Note 5.

These are the 7 best upcoming smartphones that are expected to hit the market and smartphone enthusiasts should keep their fingers crossed.

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