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6 Factors To Consider When Buying Luggage

Planning a successful trip requires that you put together vital items that you may need along the way. Your luggage can help you carry most of these things in an organized manner to reduce the stress of dealing with your things when you arrive at your destination. Depending on the kind of trip you are going to, you will need to choose luggage that can accommodate your items well. Consider the guidelines provided below to choose the perfect luggage.

1. Size and weight

One of the concerns you should address is weight. A heavy luggage could attract higher charges at the airport and could also be challenging to carry. However, while factoring in weight, you have to also think about size as you don’t want to lack the space to pack all your items. While choosing The Best Suitcases, Bags and Carry On Luggage of 2018, consider the overall build quality and base your choice on weight and size.

2. Construction and durability

Typically, you should focus on three elements that will tell you about the construction of a luggage: fabric, frame, and waterproofing. Look for a bag that is made with a fiberglass inner frame because this provides more strength and is durable, and the material is also lightweight. The fabric should be sturdy like ballistic nylon, and waterproofing is essential. Consider if the luggage comes with a DuraGuard fabric protector coating.

3. Extra features

For added convenience, you might also consider extra features. Advances in technology have allowed the construction of suitcases that are equipped with exciting additions. Some of these extras include built-in GPS that will help you to locate your bag if you lose it. You could also have an app that shows the weight of the bag and, most importantly, some bags offer you a finger-recognition lock. You will even find bags that come with USB ports to charge your gadgets, so if you are an avid traveler such features could come in handy.

4. Brands and warranties

Some brands also bear a positive reputation for providing good quality products. On top of this, warranties could help you to choose a luggage that will not disappoint you. Many brands that provide good quality luggage extend warranties and have attractive terms for their buyers. You could get a lifetime guarantee with repair for your luggage for free.

5. Pay attention to things that could break

Your luggage is like a car and you need to consider the things that are likely to go wrong. Check the zips, straps, wheels, and handles. You should visually inspect the seams, the hardware and the stitching to ensure it is done to the perfect quality. This will save you the stress of having to deal with problems later after you have embarked on your journey.

6. Stand-out style

Also don’t forget style when choosing luggage. Color and overall design quality will impact your satisfaction with the luggage, so be keen to choose one that looks impressive. There are many designs that could make you luggage movable art. Buy something unique that also serves your needs adequately.

To buy the perfect luggage, you have to consider a few factors that will help you to verify quality and reliability. Make sure to look at the material used in making the luggage as this will affect the overall build quality. Also be keen to notice any errors in construction that might introduce problems later. It’s important to buy from brands that have a good track record because most big brands take care of quality.


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