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5 Ways to Generate More Life Insurance Leads

Most of the planners, agents, advisors are seeking the most cost-effective and fastest ways to generate more high-quality insurance leads and get more sales. Some of them are trying to accomplish this by purchasing preset appointments and leads. Others make use of free reports, information booklets, dinner seminars, client newsletters, postcards, direct mails, press releases, joint ventures, educational workshops, and the list goes on.

Despite the fact that there is an abundance of lead generation and life insurance methods, many people have little or no success with them. This is not because these methods do not work. It happens because they don’t know some tricks of the trade and insider secrets that can make these methods effective.

Below, you can get familiar with the 5 best methods to generate more life insurance leads and the tips on how to use them successfully.

1. Annual Reviews

Did you know that most people buy life insurance approximately 7 times during life? That doesn’t count the sales they are getting via investments, disability insurance, health insurance, long-term care insurance, and annuities. Unfortunately, many agents don’t provide their existing clients with annual reviews since they are busy and focused on how to bring new clients. So it’s no wonder that they don’t get any call from the old customers or clients.

2. Referred Lead Programs

If you ask the million-dollar producers how they are getting the new life insurance sales, the vast majority of them will tell you it is from referred leads. Many agents don’t use these programs though. That’s because many salespeople are not referable themselves. On the other hand, most people aren’t willing to refer their relatives, family members, or friends to just another boring salesman.

If you want to obtain more referrals from your clients, you have to establish a strong relationship with them and provide ongoing services. Besides, it’s necessary to set up a referred lead program that can constantly generate top-notch prospects.

3. Dinner Seminars

Even though dinner seminars are very pricey, they’re still one of the quickest and most effective ways of generating insurance leads. This method often fails because many agents try going cheap on invitation and restaurant to save money. However, the main reason why dinner seminars fail is that most agents and advisors are only capable of setting appointments with about 20% of their target audience. Moreover, half of these appointments are no-shows or canceled.

4. Educational Workshops

Despite being one of the most effective ways to obtain new prospects, educational workshops are often overlooked today. People are more comfortable to visit a workshop than to meet face-to-face with a vendor. It is a safe way for your potential consumers to meet you and get familiar with your work.

5. Joint Ventures

Marketing that involves joint ventures can generate thousands of new prospects. So it’s worth sharing your prospects and clients with other successful businesses in your area. Make the list of your best customers and prospects to send useful information to your clients and build positive relationships. Then set up a contact system which will get people to get in touch with you when looking for information or help. That will make your joint venture worthy.

Don’t only use one of these methods. It’s much wiser to combine all of them at a time to generate more life insurance leads. In just one month, you will get more life insurance prospects than other agents are going to see in a whole year.


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