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5 Unexpected Ways to Make Money Online

side hustle, extra income, making money onlineMany people these days are facing financial difficulty. If you’re one of them, you’ll find that there are quite a few ways to make money online. Some methods bring in more cash than others, and there are unfortunately quite a few scams out there. We’ve scoured the web looking for solid ways to make money online, minus the scams.make money online

Do Data Entry

If you’ve got a few spare hours to kill and you can type accurately, consider making some extra money online by doing data entry. Be careful in making your selection about where to work though, as there are quite a few online data entry sites that take advantage of their workers. Use a reputable site such as to connect with employers who need part-time workers.

Sell Stock Photography

Great digital cameras are less expensive than ever, and most of us have access to at least one of them. If you enjoy photography and can take decent pictures, consider selling stock photography online. There are a few different sites you can try; each has its own guidelines for setting up an account, submitting photos, and getting paid for your artistic efforts.  Bring your camera with you everywhere you go, if you don’t already. You’ll find no end to the opportunities to take great shots you can sell online.

Sell Jewelry

We’re not talking about becoming a jewelry expert or joining a pyramid scheme focused on selling jewelry and recruiting others; instead, we’re talking about selling jewelry you no longer use or want. Most of us have some old jewelry lying around; why not trade it in for cold, hard, cash? You might think that selling jewelry online is a hassle, but whether you’re selling diamonds or getting rid of a stash of vintage jewelry that’s no longer in style, the process is easier than you might think.


No matter what your job description during the nine-to-five, it’s likely that you can make at least a little extra money on the side by freelancing. Companies of every type now outsource vital tasks for a variety of reasons. If you can write well, speak more than one language and can translate, or have the ability to build websites or smartphone apps, you’ll find loads of online opportunities and these are just a few examples. Most popular freelancing websites ask participants to take basic entrance exams and provide essential information before getting started. Some freelancers enjoy their work so much that they make a full-time job of working on their own.

Work as a Virtual Assistant

If you don’t mind spending set hours in one place and doing a variety of different tasks, you’ll find that working as a virtual assistant is an easy job to do from home. You’ll need a variety of administrative skills, and you will need a quiet background in most cases.  In addition, you will need up to date computer skills and experience using popular computer software like Microsoft Office. Having additional skills such as HTML or lots of experience with social networking can help too.  Some people find that working as a virtual assistant is even more rewarding than having a regular nine-to-five job.

A final word of caution: Work at home scams are common. Check out any company or organization with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) before supplying personal information or spending any money. Reputable businesses have nothing to hide. Research various opportunities to find the ones that are best for you, and don’t limit yourself to one thing. By branching out and using a variety of resources, you can easily make real money online.

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