5 Things You Need To Know About Serving On Jury Duty

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I wasn’t very excited to receive a jury duty notification in the mail last month. Life is extremely busy and any time I have to spend in a courtroom will be a day for day relationship to how far behind I fall at work. But, I understand it’s my civic duty to be a part of the process from time to time so I just have to educate myself as much as possible and make the best of it.

The Process

My summons listed a phone number that I have to call after 4:30pm every day during my two week time slot. If the instructions will state if any jurors need to report, and if so what juror numbers. If my number gets called, I would have to report by 8am the next morning.

Time Off

In my state, employers are required to give me time off to serve on jury duty. However, they are not required to pay me. Luckily for me, my employer does indeed give me paid time off to serve on jury duty.


Jurors are paid $10 a day for their services plus mileage for wear and tear on their vehicle in the amount of $0.27 mile. If any other expenses are incurred such as meals or hotel rooms, those expenses can be submitted and re-imbursed.

Child Care

If a person serving on jury duty is normally the primary care provider for one or more children during the day, they can be reimbursed for child care of up to $50 per day per family.

Income Reporting

Income received from jury duty must be reported on that year’s tax forms. Money received for reimbursement of other expenses incurred do not. It’s important that jurors keep records of how much income they received, as a 1099-MISC will not be sent if the amount paid is less than $600.

Note: This information may vary between states and is mean as on an example of the type of information you should be aware of if you are called to serve on jury duty. Please refer to the documentation for your state for specific information as it applies to you.

My two week period is almost over, and I have yet to be called to serve. If I am called to serve, I will do so with a smile on my face. It’s something we all have to be ready to do in order to make the wheels of justice turn in our great country.


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Have you ever been called to serve on jury duty? How much did you get paid?

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