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5 Things You Should Do Right After An Accident

Accidents can happen anytime and while a reactive approach will get things settled eventually, it’s better to be proactive about handling post-accident scenarios. Here’s a list of 5 things that you should do immediately after an accident to avoid unnecessary complications.

Look For Any Injuries

If you have been involved in an accident, unfortunately, the first thing to do is to check for injuries that you and other passengers might have received. Irrespective of the severity of injuries, contact emergency immediately and ask for support before you inform any legal expert. Make sure you pick your attorney wisely. For instance, if you live in Milwaukee, you must pick the best Milwaukee injury attorney. It’s also a good idea to carry a handy first aid kit in your car to tackle any injuries immediately. Taking care of the victims should be your top priority. If you have received any serious injury especially in the legs or have any swellings that make mobility difficult, stay in the vehicle, keep calm and wait for the emergency squad to help you from there.

Park Your Car At The Road-Side

While you’re on the road, the safety of other drivers is also an important consideration. To avoid any harm to other motorists and pedestrians, pull over at a safe spot preferably the side of the road. Use emergency signaling props like putting up signs, emergency triangles and turn on your vehicle lights so that other drivers can easily spot you and your damaged vehicles. In case you’ve hit a wild animal don’t try to move it on your own. Call the emergency or the animal rights/humane society informing them of the incident as well as call your attorney to get feedback on the matter.

Notify The Authorities

Reporting the incident is crucial regardless of the gravity of the situation. A proper police report will come handy in case you plan on claiming damages, filing charges for personal injuries or going for insurance claims. Complete your work by the time the cops arrive at the scene like gathering eyewitnesses, crucial information from the other driver and significant details regarding the accident that you can recall. These will become the essence of your statement recorded by the police and will help you deal with related claims and any legal proceedings, that follow.

Write Down Important Information

Make sure you accurately document details like names of the other driver and witnesses, their phone numbers and house address, make and model of the vehicle, driver’s license number, license plate number and vehicle identification number (VIN). Mention any other information such as traffic patterns, climatic trends and road conditions that would aid the investigation.

Know Your Legal Rights

Instead of playing the blame-game, have an experienced injury attorney collect statements from other witnesses to handle the situation professionally. Protecting your family and yourself is of utmost importance when you are involved in an accident. Discuss the legal implications and your rights with the legal expert and they will advise you on providing the sort of information appropriate for handing over to the insurance company and the police including feedback on any future proceedings. In case there are personal injuries and serious damage, discuss it with the lawyer before you negotiate with the other party or start to agree on any settlement offers.


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