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5 Things Every Dedicated Frugal Shopper Needs to Know

cleverdudecom-564c5c89bde81If you are one of those people who love to count every penny and keep a good eye on their spendings, you need to know few things that are vital. If you want to be a frugal shopper then you need to get to know a few things that will help you to improve your savings. Also, show you how many different ways there are you can use to save cash. This article, I believe, will help both groups of people since bellow you will find five things you all must know if you wish to save. So, without any further ado here they are!

  1. You can use coupons both in stores and online.

There is a surprisingly big amount of people who still don’t know that they can use coupons while shopping both in stores and online! Today, then the digital world is expanding rapidly, e-shopping is becoming more and more popular among people. And so retailers see that too. Moreover, since brands want people to shop on the web, they offer amazing discounts with their special coupons. Nordstrom coupons and deals are the excellent example in this case! You can use these coupons while shopping online and also get some of these and use in-stores. Everything is made for your comfort and pleasure so you should use this privilege for sure!

  1. Subscribing to emails is mandatory.

No matter where you shop online or off you should take some time and subscribe to your favorite brands’ emails. This way you will always be one of the first people who will get informed about the coming sales or clearances. Moreover, occasionally be pampered with special coupons and discounts too. To avoid useless spam in your personal or work email, create a new, special one where you will always be able to find incredible deals to shop at your favorite brands.

  1. You can ask a brand for coupons and discounts.

If you are brave enough, you can win a lot if you just simply email or write an ordinary letter for a brand or a store asking for coupons or discounts! It might sound risky and not very polite, but some people did that and got coupons! Just make strong arguments why would you want those discounts and who knows maybe after a day or two you will find a juicy discount in your mailbox!

  1. Better buy stuff directly from a brand/manufacturer rather than a store that carries it.

cleverdudecom-564c5c899d2a8A frugal shopper just like you should also take advantage of the benefit knowing that shopping directly from a brand or manufacturer equals huge price differences. For some reason, then there is a store that carries a specific brand they tend to make a price of that bigger. That might be a result of transportation cost and so on, and you can totally avoid paying for that if you go to the manufacturer and get that item from their store or website instead. This works whether if you shop for clothing or electronics. So Google the brand and get to their store for smaller prices.

  1. Use the benefit of price comparison apps or websites.

Finally, you should also take the advantage and find the cheapest price on just a few second with a help of various comparison apps in your smartphone or websites. These programs are made especially for those people who always want to find the cheapest alternative price. So, then you shop just add the specific name and brand of the item you wish to buy and after a few seconds or so you will be presented with a bunch of different price options. All you need to do then is to choose one, the most suitable for you. Voila!

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