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5 Tactics to 5x Your Organic Lead Generation Using SEO

Are you using the power of SEO to scale up your business? If not, then you’re missing a great opportunity to generate qualified leads by attracting more traffic to your website. SEO is the most crucial aspect if you want to build an online presence. It helps your business reach new heights.

In a nutshell, it increases your website’s search rankings, helping you find the right audience for your business. With proper planning and consistent efforts, you can create an organic lead generation system using SEO that keeps your sales pipeline filled and generates desired revenue.

Here are 5 awesome ways to generate leads organically using SEO

  1. Find Your Target Audience

You’ve made a killer website. You’ve shed your sweat and blood to articulate this business idea. The products and services you offer are spot on. But what is the use if the right audience is not landing on your website? Neither they will enjoy your products or service, nor will you get business. To overcome this situation, you need to understand what clicks the mind of your audience.

Ask yourself following questions:

  • What are my target audience pain points? How my products or services will address them?
  • Where do they spend time the most?

If they are using Google the most, SEO becomes your top most priority.

Create a buyer’s persona that lists out all the major points you want to know about your audience- what age bar they fall in? What do they do for a living? Where do they look for answers?

You can then use this information for creating blog posts.

  1. Use Your Competitor’s Keywords and Strategies

Finding keywords that have high search volume is often a time-consuming process. Also, it takes a lot of efforts in understanding the keyword landscape of your industry. So, if you want to save yourself from going through such a tedious process, you can stay ahead of the pack by taking cues from your competitor. Tools such as Google Keyword Planner, SEO quake, Keywords everywhere, and SEMrush will help you do so.

Another brilliant way of boosting your lead generation is spying your competitor’s backlinks.  By finding whom your competitors are linking to, you can immediately have a database of prospects for yourself. You can use backlink checker tools such as SEMrush, Open Site Explorer and Majestic SEO.

  1. Make your Website Mobile Friendly

We live in a world where from picking up your birthday dress to buying your favorite car, everything is done while being on the go. In such a scenario, having a mobile-friendly site is a no-brainer. Mobile is where your customers are and you should also be.

Another important reason to befriend mobile is Google. In 2016, Google announced a new update to their algorithm that specifically boosted websites that are mobile-friendly with a focus on supporting responsive technology. 

  1. Use Social Media

You might doubt the relevance of social media in SEO but believe me, they go hand in hand. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are go-to social media platforms for creating brand awareness. These platforms are constantly used for content distribution, securing new backlinks and generating new opportunities that will benefit your search engine optimization in the future.

Remember, social media marketing plays a considerable role in ranking of your website in the search engine. So, if you continuously produce good content on these platforms, your business will excel in the longer run.

  1. Guest Posts for Link Building Activities

Guest post is a published article on someone else’s website having a high domain authority. Guest posting is an important strategy for link building and online influence. Also, it can largely impact your SEO lead generation efforts. By sharing your knowledge and expertise in your business areas, you can catch the attention of the ‘right’ audience and convince them to reach out. Regular guest posts also help in building a following that will be keen on reading your thoughts every single time you write something.

Wrapping Up

To generate leads organically using SEO, you need to have a proper plan and be consistent with your efforts. Over the time you’ll find out a significant number of organic leads generated through SEO. Use the tactics outlined in the articles to build an organic lead generation system that makes you a thought leader in your industry and leaves your brand’s impeccable footprint.

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