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5 must haves for starting a new office from scratch

Starting a new business can be daunting.

Or if you have an established business, moving the business can be difficult.

The amount of things you need to get done, racking your brain and making it even harder to think.


Step away

Take a breath

#1 Create a list.

I like to have several list.

Perhaps one list for things to get.

Another for things to do.

Clients to call.

And so on…

Just don’t lose the list after you have written them.

Large lined sticky notes can be you friend.

After you have written down your list stick them to the wall where you can’t miss them.

Or have a notebook that is sectioned out for lists only.

A To-Do binder.

#2 You must keep up with client communication.

Let them know the new location.

Why you may be hard to reach.

Ask them to be patient with you during this transition.

If a client knows the circumstances before an issue arises then they will have more patience and understanding.

Put yourself in their shoes.

What do they deserve to know as you move forward with your business?

#3 A Desk and Chair.

How can you work if you do not have a place to work at?

If you have the couch moved into the office first before the desk and chair where will you plant yourself and your need to know information?

Most likely you will plant yourself on that couch where you get comfy.

Science and many doctors have proven that proper posture while working is essential to pain levels, stamina, and productivity.

Having a proper place to work will give you the storage you need so you can stay on track.

It will also give you a true work space that is comfortable and helps with productivity.

#4 A computer.

We live in a technical world.

Even if your business is selling handmade jewelry, a computer is needed for everything from sales to ordering.

Most of us these days we are conjoined to our devices.

If you work with them then all the more essential it is to have a good computer at the ready.

#5 A Printer

Even though it is a world full of technology we still need to print things out.

I went without a printer for a while.

I believed I would be ok and for a short time and I was.

Then I started to drive my husband crazy with emails with the heading can you print this for me before you come home from work?

I knew he was done with it when he came home late one day with an A3 Laser Printer in his hands.

And I am so glad he did.

All the little things of an office will come and go as you need them but start with the basics and enjoy your new work space.


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