5 Money Saving Gift Ideas

gift-1420830_640Trying to buy a gift on a tight budget? The following gifts are perfect for penny pinchers and will be great under a Christmas tree or as a birthday present.

  1. Personalized mug

A mug is something that will be daily and they’ll certainly never go out of fashioned. Buying one of the personalised mugs with someone’s name on it or even a pair of cups for a married couple is a cute gift that will say a lot without costing a lot. This gift can be personalized with birthday wishes, Christmas greetings or for a unique wedding gift. You can check out the online catalogues to see a wide variety of different types of personalization that can be done on a mug for a gift.

  1. A bottle of wine

Wine can range from being extremely affordable to expensive, so this makes it the perfect gift if you want to have options. The day that you go to buy your gift, you can simply get a bottle that suits your budget without having to worry about finding a new gift. Any bottle of wine will be a welcome gift. Just remember to remove the price tag, since this is good etiquette. You’ll also be doing the person you give this gift to a favor since a glass of wine a day keeps the doctor away. It’s definitely much better than apples.

  1. Cookies or other homemade treats

Everybody loves a sweet treat and none more so than cookies. If you can bake, making a bunch of sugar cookies and then decorating them with colorful frosting could make the perfect budget friendly gift, especially if it’s around Christmas time and you have to give a lot of gifts to a lot of people. Make the cookies more special by making the frosting personalized to each recipient and bag them in pretty gift bags with a ribbon tied to keep it closed.

  1. Homemade scarf

If you have knitting supplies and you know how to knit, a homemade scarf is a great way to show someone you put a lot of effort into their gift, even if you didn’t have a lot of money to spend. Even if you don’t know how to knit, this could still be an option. Learning how to knit is fairly easy and since scarves are so simple, a beginner could easily make one without any fuss. Find out what the person’s favorite colors are and you can make them a beautiful scarf that they’ll love.

  1. A book

Books are inexpensive and they provide hours of entertainment. Getting your friends or family members a good book will help them to get into reading and if they’re already avid readers, you’ll simply be adding yet another book to their collection. Giving a book as a present is nice since it works for all ages. Reading is also good for you, so be sure to get a few books for yourself as well.

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