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5 Finance & Lifestyle Tips for Divorced Parents

Divorce is never easy. Even under the “best of circumstances” managing your finances, lifestyle goals, and parental responsibilities all at once can prove extremely challenging following a divorce. After all, few people anticipate a divorce, and there’s no way to “prepare” for this scenario. The best you can do is react and prioritize. To that end, here are five helpful tips for parents who find themselves on the other side of a permanent separation:

Take Stock

Before you can begin to build a long-term financial plan, you first have to take stock of your current situation. Forming a budget on your own is a good deal different than creating a budget with your spouse. As such, closely monitor your income and expenses and set some intermediate goals to help you get adjusted.

Cash In

Newly single dads and moms shouldn’t feel guilty about dipping into their rainy-day funds following a big life change (like a divorce). Such measures are in place precisely to help out during trying periods, so don’t feel the need to go overboard with work if you’ve got some finances set aside.

Look for “Layups”

In the wake of a divorce, it’s easy for newly single individuals to feel depressed, anxious, and disenchanted with the future in general. Though it may be difficult, it’s critical to seek out positive events in your life. Therefore, “easy wins” like a successful campaign at work, a well-orchestrated day out with your children, or an attempt at a first date with a new person are reasons to celebrate.

Be Safe on the Dating Scene

Usually, parents are the ones giving their children relationship advice. Yet, for newly divorced couples, hitting the dating scene after a long absence can be a veritable culture shock. Do some research into online dating forums, and make sure to prioritize your safety first and foremost? The last thing anyone wants to deal with is an STD! (Though, if you are concerned about your sexual wellness, visit a site like ASAP.)

Keep Your Promises

In the wake of a big familial shakeup like a divorce, kids will naturally feel unsettled. As such, it’s imperative for newly divorced parents to follow through on their promises –– especially just after a separation. Children crave structure, and anything you can do to introduce a bit of normalcy into proceedings will be beneficial. Of course, honesty is the best policy for newly divorced parents when speaking with their children. Kids are more perceptive than many realize, so it’s typically a good idea to be honest and forthright with them. It’s okay not to have all the answers; in many cases, simply being there and making an effort is more than enough!

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