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5 Business Ideas with Low Start Up Costs

0fabd4631e204bc2ab050a5301ed0cb6Even though you may have a great idea for a new business, it may not prove viable financially when you actually look at getting it started. Because of this, plenty of people form the idea that every new startup business is going to be expensive; however, this certainly isn’t the case. Below are just five business ideas that all have low startup costs.

1. Telecommunications

Anyone with a sales background is a perfectly primed candidate for a low-cost startup business in the area of telecommunications. The best way to make this sort of business a success is to team up with a company such a Telcoinabox. Businesses like this provide access to established telephone networks with products available at wholesale prices, so you will be saving a large amount of money on startup costs by not having to establish your own distribution channels.

2. Content Production

Content production for online blogs and websites is the perfect low-cost startup business for those that love working from home. A working computer and internet connection is all you’ll need. Plus, advertising is rarely necessary; sourcing content production work is usually done by applying for temp/contract jobs rather than the other way around, so this will help keep your content production business’s costs low.

3. Cleaning

Home and office cleaning will never go out of fashion, particularly as people become more time poor. It is also relatively simple and low-cost to set up. The items you will need to pay for include cleaning products, a vacuum, and dusting equipment. Aside from that, a cleaning company is fairly inexpensive to get started. Plus, if your services are well-liked, advertising will come in the way of word-of-mouth, saving you even more.

4. Consultancy

If you have a dynamic skill that you feel will benefit other individuals, why not start a consultancy firm? Material costs are next to nothing, making it ideal for a prospective business owner on a budget. Consultancy is also extremely diverse, meaning you can choose your own niche rather than tackling competitors with expensive advertising. And because you are selling a service, money is not spent on trialling and producing products for sale.

5. Virtual Shop

If you have a passion for clothes, crafts, or anything else that is commonly purchased online, consider opening a web-based store. Having no physical shop will significantly reduce your startup costs, allowing you to invest more in the development of your website, your general presence online, and most importantly your products.

Starting a new business doesn’t have to be an expensive process. There will always be costs, but they don’t have to break the bank if you do your research, plan appropriately, and be smart in your decision making. By establishing a business such as the ones above, you can gain clients with low costs, and once your business grows, you can then invest more money to expand it into your original dream.

What are some other low-cost business ideas either you or someone you know has tried their hand at? Leave your answers in the space below.

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  • Great Post! Starting a cleaning business is definitely one of the least expensive business models you can start. The demand for house cleaning services is increasing more and more with homeowners realizing that they can easily delegate the chore in order to free up more of their time.

  • Love this post!

    I personally agree with #3. Starting a cleaning business can be very low cost to start up (if you are smart about it) and a great way to grow into a sustainable company.

    Pro tip there: Never spend more then you have to! Stay frugal with your business always.

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