4 Ways You Can Turn Your Passion For Music Into a Real Job

guitar-586161_1920It seems like a rite of passage for many high school and college students: forming a rock band. A group that dreams of making it big, scoring top radio hits and securing fame and fortune along the way. But then reality sets in. After all, most high school bands never make it out of the garage, typically ending when conflicting egos and interests get in the way.

If music is your passion, this result is understandably frustrating. But you can still turn your love of music into a viable career, even if you aren’t going to be performing in front of thousands of screaming fans every night. Here are four careers that could turn your passion for music into a solid profession.

Sound Engineer

While the term “sound engineer” can cover many things in the world of music and audio production, this job can be a fantastic opportunity for music lovers who are interested in what goes on behind the scenes. Professional sound engineers are responsible for operating and maintaining sound recording quality during tasks such as recording, mixing and mastering. In the live music sphere, the sound engineer also plays a crucial role to ensure that the entire performance goes off without a hitch.

The role of a sound engineer is essential in making sure that both live performances and studio recordings achieve the highest quality possible. For those interested in one day becoming a music producer and working with all types of musicians, this is a great starting point for your career.

Talent Scout

While every band dreams of making it big, not everyone has what it takes to be a professional musician. But how do record labels decide who makes the cut? This is where a talent scout comes in. As a talent scout, you need to have a good ear when deciding which musicians have the potential to be the next big thing. This job requires a lot of time spent in clubs and music venues, listening to lesser-known groups as you decide who could be a good fit for your label. If you enjoy visiting your local clubs each weekend to check out the latest band, this job could be for you.

Concert Promoter

If you can combine a love for music with a keen eye for marketing and event management, the job of concert promoter might just be the perfect fit. This important position requires a strong business sense, as concert promoters manage all elements of a live performance — ranging from marketing and ticket sales to ensuring that the venue is properly prepared for the show.

A concert promoter also needs to have solid financial knowledge, ensuring that no matter how much is invested in the other elements of the show, the end result will be both entertaining and profitable. 

Music Journalist

Not all of us can sing or play an instrument, but we can appreciate and enjoy quality music. And if you can write well and have a passion for music, there’s no better job than that of a music journalist. This unique role essentially allows you to get paid for listening to the music that you love. Music journalists are generally responsible for reviewing new album releases and live concerts, as well as conducting interviews with the musicians themselves.

Better yet, the vibrant local music scenes that exist across the country provide plenty of opportunities to master the basics of music writing before you try your hand at more prestigious journalism positions.


As you can see, you don’t have to be a rockstar to have a successful music career! There are plenty of ways you can turn your love for music into a satisfying and enjoyable job.

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