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4 Ways to Sell a Used Car

0dde0c54f50541e09fbcb0a1c539db8eAre you looking to sell your car for a better one or just need to get rid of it and need the extra cash?

Here are four super smart ways to sell your car.


The Internet has been a great help which expands your advertising range and auto transport sources from local to statewide since it has become the leading advertising source over the years. All you need to do is have the basic information — year, make, model, miles, price and some photos of the car you will sell to post online. This could potentially cut down and narrow inquiries to only serious potential buyers but always exercise precaution if making transactions electronically.

Sign on Your Car

Yes, this is old school, very old-fashioned you might say but this still works. The effectivity of this might vary where you live and work, but this is cheap and you might land a potential buyer. You can stick a sign on your car window and leave it on your driveway. Even if you don’t live on a busy street, someone in your neighborhood will notice it. If you’re at work too, you can put the sign on the window when you park in the lot or at a garage. Also, be sure to employ the sign when you’re going to a place where there’s lots of people. Or better yet, just leave the sign in the car the entire time instead of taking it out. You’ll never know when the potential buyer might pass, so it’s best to keep it up at all times.

Word of Mouth

Another very old-fashioned method, but an efficient one to boot. You can spread the information to your family and friends, letting them know that you’re thinking about selling your car and ask them if they know someone who is interested. Mention this as much as you can, in church, at a party, in a community gathering, whenever you have the opportunity to do so.

Used cars have been booming recently, so chances are someone knows somebody who’s in the market for a pre-owned vehicle. If you happen to know a car enthusiast, make sure they know about your car’s availability. Car lovers do have connections and that will increase the odds of finding someone looking to buy.

Scrap Car for Cash

If your vehicle is looking way past its lifetime and your option is to scrap it for cash to buy a newer model, this could also be a perfect solution for you. Look for scrap car companies like that offer the best possible scrap car value for your vehicle.

If you’re happy with their quote, prepare the requirements, documentation and a set of keys for the vehicle. The company should arrange the collection of your vehicle but others might ask you to bring your car in and make sure there’s no hidden charges or fees!

So what method will you use to sell your car? Do you think there are other effective ways to sell it?



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