4 Ways to Engage Your Customers

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As a business owner, your customers are your livelihood, so you need to keep them engaged with your brand and purchasing your products and/or services to keep running. In the digital and multimedia landscape, there are many ways add engagement to your business and foster a relationship between them and your business. Finding the right method for you to add engagement to your business plan will ensure your businesses’ longevity and long-term success.

Read on to discover four effective ways that business owners and marketing managers can engage their customers.

1. Use social media channels

Social media has become an effective way to connect with your customers in real-time and provide accessible, up-to-date information about your brand and product or service. If your target audience is Millennials, then social media should be your main priority to foster engagement: their demographic are known to be frequent users of social media channels such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube and Snapchat. Use a combination of channels if you want to reach different niches or segment groups, or if you want to communicate in different formats such as imagery, video, audio or text. You may also want to check out Instagram bot reviews and other reviews of social media post schedulers.

2. Implement SMS messaging

Mobile solutions are one of the most effective means of communicating with your customers. As SMS messaging is an opt-in service it is an effective way to engage a highly targeted audience. The many benefits of mobile engagement are discussed in the infographic below. Seek advice from a specialist in SMS messaging such as SMSGlobal, and tailor a solution that is right for your unique business and consumers.

3. Utilise apps

If you have the resources, financial aid and tech-savvy staff to create an app that aligns with your brand and its products and services, go for it! By building an app, you will create a new platform to engage your customers and a means of collecting crucial data about your most loyal customers. An app will also help to build a connection between your customers and the brand that is interactive, informative and adds value. An app that supports your business could be a game, a calculator tool or perhaps an additional way your customers can access information about your business.

4. Use the radio

While the above three engagement methods revolve around advanced technology and multi-media platforms, many traditional outlets still continue to foster engagement between brands and their customers. Most of us listen to the radio when we are driving a vehicle; much information is subconsciously absorbed at these times. As a result, radio advertising has remained an important part of a brand’s engagement strategy because it introduces new consumers to the brand, gives the brand credibility and authority and also leaves a lasting impression on the consumer. While it is not a two-way engagement strategy, radio remains one of the most effective methods to engage new and loyal audiences in an offline setting.

Engagement strategies that encourage customers to make a purchase are the most successful strategies for growing your sales. Whether you include a call to action or marketing message in your campaign, they are pointless if the customer does not engage with the brand and establish a connection.

The Benefits Of Mobile Engagement - SMSGlobal

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